Emotional abuse runs rampant in relationships. Whether the sufferer is a man or woman, it is just as common and just as unhealthy. Emotional abusers are people who have been abused themselves and don’t know how to deal with their past. Instead of embracing it and finding the strength inside of themselves to move forward peacefully, they seek out new targets to abuse, using their past suffering as an excuse. Not because they are bad people, but because they need help. What makes an emotional abuser even less considerate than a physical abuser is that they have the ability to manipulate others. Emotional abusers are extremely intelligent and are masters at the art of deception. They are usually charismatic, sexy, and quite adept at influencing their victims to believe them over the truth. They are the sociopathic, charming, narcissist types and you have to be aware that you may be a target.

Deep down, it is an emotional abuser’s goal to feel accepted, loved, and needed. The only way they can feel these intense emotions is by making the people around them feel them too. It may be that the person being abused has something the abuser wants, such as a physical item, a position, or a status in society. When someone uses manipulation as a tool to manipulate someone else, it is a tool they will use to manipulate anyone and everyone to get their way. The truth is, it has nothing to do with the person they are manipulating and everything to do with the emotional abuser’s own mental health. A knowledgeable victim of an abuser is to blame, and you don’t have to allow another person to ruin your life.

If you are being emotionally abused, end the relationship immediately. Life is too short to be unhappy and it is definitely not worth your own sanity to continue the relationship. You are the first and last person on this earth who knows what is best for you, so make it your number one priority to take care of yourself. You will not be able to take care of others until you can take care of yourself.

If a friendship, even a new one, is starting to grate on you, there could be a level of emotional abuse involved. Just as a rule of thumb, if you feel the need to explain a situation to someone and they get offended, stay away from them. If they are a genuine friend, they will accept the fact that you have other responsibilities and eventually make plans accordingly. If your life is so simple that you don’t have to make plans and they make plans for you, then they are not a true friend.